Ongoing Defined Benefit Schemes

Pensions Management Simplified

Dalriada understand the challenges presented by defined benefit schemes. Utilising a unique approach we focus on managing the complexities, enabling employers to focus on managing their businesses.

Each defined benefit scheme has its own characteristics – a function of different benefit structures, membership, investment strategies, employer covenant and funding levels. Dalriada offer a wide range of services tailored to the specific requirements of the scheme, including:

  • Professional Trustee services
  • Governance reviews
  • Data cleansing exercises
  • Employer covenant analysis
  • Scheme secretarial
  • Member communications
  • Administration services
  • Investment risk analysis

We believe that the traditional model of a Trustee Board appointing a range of suppliers of advisory services can be an inefficient approach.

  • The Employer has little to no control on quality of advisor services and charges
  • Significant employer time is allocated to scheme management
  • Non-professional trustees often require detailed guidance and support
  • Valuation results and accounting figures are provided months after the “as at” date
  • Advisor services and charges are agreed upon and fixed
  • Reduced employer time is required for scheme management
  • Trustee expertise minimises advisor costs
  • Valuation results and accounting figures are provided quickly and accurately, based on current member and financial data

Dalriada’s approach is unique, and can be applied flexibly for each scheme’s circumstances, so contact us today to discuss how your scheme can benefit from “A Better Way”.

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