About us

Thinking of appointing an independent trustee?

Dalriada Trustees Limited is a privately owned professional and independent trustee which has operated since 2003.

Dalriada can act as an independent trustee to any size of pension scheme from those operated by small private companies to large schemes associated with major listed public companies.

Our team includes both highly experienced DB independent trustees and specialist DC independent trustees who can both serve on trust based boards (including acting as a non-affiliated trustee of a Master Trust) or act as members of governance committees (including Internal Governance Committees operated by providers).

Our team of accredited professional trustees is located throughout the United Kingdom and supported from our administrative offices in London, Belfast, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Dublin.

In addition to acting as a trustee of ongoing pension schemes Dalriada is one of the leading independent trustees in the specialist area of managing both DB and DC pension scheme terminations (often referred to as pension scheme wind-ups) including the transfer of DB pension schemes into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) where the employer has become insolvent or in a number of circumstances including insolvency transfer to the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Dalriada is one of four firms named on the PPF’s Trustee Advisory Panel, set up to push schemes through the PPF assessment and FAS wind-up more efficiently.

If you are a member of a scheme where Dalriada acts as a trustee or an employer considering the appointment of a professional pension scheme trustee we would be pleased to hear from you.

You can email any of our staff via their Profile, use our Contact form or for enquiries of a less personal nature contact us via Twitter or Facebook.