PMI Expert Partner

Dalriada has been appointed as the Expert Partner to the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) in the area of Pension Trusteeship.  We believe this demonstrates our position in the industry as a market leading independent trustee company.

In partnership, the PMI and Dalriada will provide valuable insight and education to both PMI members and the wider pensions industry on managing the complexities and challenges presented by both DB and DC schemes.

Expert View

Adrian Kennett, Director at Dalriada Trustees, presents a trustee’s view on Budget changes and their impact on trustees. ‘With the possible exception of the Pensions Act 1995, the announcement from this year’s Budget of the removal of the requirement to annuitise defined contribution (DC) schemes represents the biggest change I have witnessed in my 21 years of working in the UK pensions industry’, he mentioned. Hear more about Adrian’s views on Budget changes and their impact on trustees in the recent PMI TV interview.