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Andy Scott

Andy is a senior trustee representative with Dalriada in Scotland and, as such, he acts as a professional trustee for Dalriada clients and is responsible for marketing Dalriada to non-clients with a view to obtaining new appointments for the company.

Andy is a very experienced professional within the pensions industry.  His wide experience enables him to act on many Trustee boards, for both DB and DC schemes, either as Chair or as an independent trustee member.  Andy has excellent communication skills that allow him to explain, in a simple and effective manner, the often difficult and complex issues that face Trustee Boards. As a result, his fellow trustee members, often lay members, are able to understand the issues and then make informed decisions on the actions to be taken.  Andy also takes a senior role in the discussions with the sponsoring Employers, where he uses his experience and communication skills to find common ground from which solutions can be found that satisfy both parties’ needs and desires.

Andy has been and continues to be involved in the following activities:

  • – Regular speaker and contributor to trade press.
  • – Acting as a professional trustee in situations where there are difficult regulatory and legal issues and achieving outcomes that are mutually acceptable to all stakeholders.
  • – Overseeing company restructurings, scheme and company mergers, and successful asset transitions between investment managers.
  • – Undertaking reviews of Trustee/actuarial/investment advisors to ensure that the Trustee Board is achieving value for money from the service providers.

Andy started work with Dalriada in January 2019, having previously worked as trustee, senior scheme actuary and investment consultant for over in the pensions industry.

Andy is a Panel member of the Disciplinary Scheme for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.  He also acts on the Board of three charities, namely the Merchant Company of Edinburgh (on the investment committee), Alzheimer Scotland (on the Finance Board) and the Melville College Trust (on the main board and the investment committee).

On the sporting front, Andy played rugby at 1st XV level for Stewart’s Melville and London Scottish in the 1980s and 90s.  He also played cricket for Stewarts Melville 1st XI. Nowadays he watches the club and professional teams in Scotland and plays golf (not very well!). He also tries to fit in enough time for his five grandchildren – which can be as dangerous (and as fun!) as the rugby!

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