Dalriada Trustees Quarterly Update – a better way to stay informed.

With 2017 only commencing what feels like yesterday, you can imagine my shock when I realised that the first quarter is past and quarter 2 is well under way.  The years and months seem to be passing quicker than ever.

With this rapid evaporation of time, it can be challenging to keep a breast of developments in the ever changing pensions landscape.  It is near impossible for one person to keep on top of everything, so the Dalriada team spreads our net as wide as we can and works together to separate the wheat from the chaff, identify the key issues and compile a summary of the important points.

We distil our work into a quarterly update which we share to save you from the hard slog, a better way for you to keep up to date with what’s going on.

Topics covered in this quarter’s update include:

  • News from the PPF;
  • Consultation on the future of defined benefit pensions;
  • Highlights from the investment markets;
  • The ever-increasing value of scheme liabilities;

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As always we love to get feedback and constructive criticism.  If you like what we do please tell us, it’s nice to get great feedback.  If you would like things included, excluded or done differently please drop us a line.  The report is to help you so help us tailor it to your needs.

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