Our pensions review of 2011

Just a few months into the New Year and we are already making history! Dalriada managed the first ever transfer of a contracted out scheme to the Financial Assistance Scheme.

It’s May now and tPR urges trustees to seek professional help to understand the employer covenant. Claire McGruer explains how this potentially costly exercise need not break the bank with some careful management from the trustees.

As we head towards Autumn, more tPR guidance, this time on the importance of identifying your statutory employer. Paula Cunningham gives some advice on how to pick yours out of the identity parade. Chris Roberts also considered environmentally sensitive investments and whether ‘going green’ is really a viable funding option.

As Winter closes in it’s time to reflect that there is just one year to go before trustees will be meeting tPR’s expectations on pension scheme data accuracy. All we want for Christmas is a data audit tool!

Time to draft trustee’s New Year resolutions now!

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Dalriada Trustees

Dalriada Trustees Limited is a privately owned professional and independent trustee and has operated since 2003. Dalriada acts as a pension scheme trustee to all sizes of pension scheme from those operated by small private companies to large schemes associated with major quoted public companies.