Ongoing Schemes

Your one-stop outsourcing solution

Executive Trusteeship services, providing pro-active management of
legacy DB schemes. Pensions management simplified.

Dalriada understands that every employer is different and every pension scheme has its own set of requirements. We have a spectrum of “in house” professional services and expertise, and arrange the most appropriate combination of “in house” and “external” service suppliers for each pension scheme.

But that’s not all…

Service Quality Assurance

We have developed a selection criteria appropriate for each professional service required, and assess all external service suppliers against this searching, but reassuring, assessment and monitoring, (in accordance with AAF, a Framework for Assured Reports on Third Party Operations).

Reducing Risks

Appointing Dalriada reduces employer conflicts of interest, and reduces your corporate time on a legacy pension scheme, allowing increased time on running your business.

The Latest Technology

Information is key, and Dalriada uses a combination of expertise and next generation technology to deliver real-time current information, in a format that you can easily understand which allows the trusteeship to be forward thinking, to take control and manage scheme risks.

Controlled Costs

Dalriada can work within one agreed budget for both in-house and external services, offering a fixed-fee service, bringing more certainty in relation to the running of that pension scheme, without reduction in the quality of the services.

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