Independent Pension Scheme Trustee

Are you getting value from your scheme advisors?

There are many adviser mouths to feed when it comes to running a pension scheme;  the scheme members, the actuary, the administrator, the auditor, the legal adviser, the investment manager, the investment adviser, the payroll provider…

Do you have the information and time to enable you to determine whether you are getting value from these providers? After all, you are paying them!

As an independent pensions trustee with over 100 scheme appointments and trustees with over 25 years pensions experience, we know what good service looks like, and how much it costs.  We actively engage with you and your advisers to ensure that advice and administrative tasks provided to the Scheme are delegated to the most efficient provider.

Excellence starts with a dialogue

Dalriada has been at the forefront of the innovation in the pension trusteeship market since 2003.  Our approach starts with listening. We gain an understanding of the objectives of the employer and our co-trustees.

We deliver outstanding professional trustee service

Using our wide base of in-house expertise (we can call upon  in-house accounting, payroll, covenant etc. experts),  we focus on re-engaging employers with their pension schemes, encouraging a dialogue and working collaboratively with all parties towards schemes objectives by:

Monitoring the Scheme’s investment strategy and performance of investment managers to ensure both meet the sponsoring employer’s and the scheme’s objectives.

Engaging with all parties in the development and implementation of pensions strategy.

Monitoring the performance and costs of your Pension Scheme advisers.

Ensuring members’ rights and interests are understood and protected with skill, diligence and integrity.

Working with the sponsoring employer to achieve fair and acceptable solutions and manage any conflicts of interest which arise.

Why Dalriada?

Committed – All Dalriada representatives are engaged on a fully employed basis in acting as professional pension scheme trustees. We are not, for example, lawyers or actuaries who are engaged part-time in the role of trustee.

Professional – Your Trustee Representative is professionally qualified and highly experienced, assisted by a number of support staff who are either professionally qualified themselves or studying for professional qualifications.

Experienced – We act as trustee to a wide variety of clients, encompassing different employer and scheme sizes, in a range of different situations.

Pragmatic – We work with fellow trustees, employers and other parties in a practical, collaborative and pro-active way to achieve fair solutions and outcomes that are in the best interest for all parties.

Industry Leading Pension Trusteeship Services

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