Executive Pension Trustee

We believe that the traditional model of a trustee board appointing a range of suppliers of advisory services can be an inefficient approach. That’s why we introduced ‘A Better Way’, an ‘executive’ style of professional trusteeship based on a clear strategy and superb scheme management.

Giving you the value you deserve

At Dalriada we believe you deserve value. You should have full visibility of your scheme and be able to set your scheme strategy without needing to actively be involved with all the administrative complexities. By combining our award winning, cutting edge technology with tailored expert pension trusteeship and our multi-disciplinary approach, we’ve made that possible.

We developed an approach to pension scheme management that gives you:

✔ Strategic direction. We ensure that corporate objectives and scheme objectives are understood by all parties and aligned where they will be of benefit to the membership. The scheme is not run in isolation of the sponsor.

✔ Single point of contact. The Better Way approach is an executive approach to trusteeship. Dalriada acts as a single point of contact for the scheme on all services, with a wide range of activities delivered by us; such as administration, investment, payroll, accounting, some actuarial, legal and covenant aspects, and others delegated to a range of carefully selected advisers.

✔ Cost control. We ensure that your scheme is run efficiently, whilst maintaining high quality professional trustee services. Dalriada assumes the responsibility for managing the provision of all services to one core budget, and we remain highly pro-active in managing and running the scheme.

✔ Time saving and quick response to market changes. The high degree of delegation that forms A Better Way means that employer management time is released to be spent elsewhere, efficiencies are targeted and fees carefully managed, the scheme can react quickly to market changes.

A Better Way to manage your scheme

We can flexibly tailor our approach and services to your:

Individual scheme circumstance.

Function of different benefit structures.

Scheme membership.

Investment strategies.

Employer covenant.

Funding levels.

Cutting edge technology
As part of our Better Way solution, we give you access to our in-house developed technology. Unlike all other systems which rely on roll-forwards and inefficient transfers of administration data, Mantle®, is the only integrated administration and actuarial platform on the market that enables trustees and employers to receive daily updates based on live administration data and investment feeds.
Mantle Dual Screen - Dalriada Trustees
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