Pension Protection Fund (PPF) Assessment

Dalriada’s Scheme Terminations experts have wide ranging in depth experience in all aspects of the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) assessment process. We were trustee of one of the first schemes to transfer to the PPF in 2005 and have successfully steered many more through the process since then.

Our specialist PPF team handles all aspects of the assessment process including administration and accounting. Through our sister company actuarial firm Spence & Partners, we can also handle all work relating to the S143 valuation offering you a joined-up, conflict free service.  Spence & Partners is one of five actuarial firms included in the PPF Actuarial Panel.

Dealing with the PPF requires people with experience and a clear understanding of its ever evolving processes. Our trustee representatives are aware of the likely pressure points a scheme will face over rules, data, and historic benefit calculations. Focusing on these key problem areas will quickly provide a picture of the likely complexity of a case whilst avoiding the need for time consuming and costly reports by advisers.

“Dealing with the PPF requires people with experience and a clear understanding of its ever evolving process”

We will identify the problems that need to be rectified very early, so that the high priority tasks can commence simultaneously. This is vital to comply with the PPF’s wish to see the assessment process completed ever more quickly.

As well as acting in the role of trustee – in a solo capacity or together with other trustees – we can also manage the whole assessment process, working closely with the scheme’s trustees and their advisers.

We take great pride in the service we provide and in our relationship with the PPF. By managing the whole process under one roof, we are better placed to ensure that its key targets are met and that the scheme will be taken through the process as quickly as possible to reduce the financial impact of a pension scheme termination.

For more information, contact Connie Johnstone who heads up our Scheme Terminations team.

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