Defined Benefit Scheme Terminations

Expert advice to support you through the process

If your pension scheme is closed to future service accrual, or closed to new entrants, then reality is that the scheme will need to move towards a wind-up.

When this happens, it is vital that the wind-up of the scheme is efficiently and professionally handled, against a backdrop of governance and compliance issues, and regulatory deadlines. Our specialist expert advice will successfully steer you through the process, and ensure your scheme members get the right benefits at the right time.
Ensuring accurate and complete membership data is essential to completing the scheme termination in a timely and efficient manner. Using innovative technology solutions we can track the quality of the scheme data, and take any appropriate corrective actions prior to the scheme commencing a formal wind-up process.

Dalriada will work closely with the scheme investment consultants and/or fiduciary managers to ensure that all parties involved are working to the same strategic plan as the scheme heads towards a formal termination.

Our experts also have wide ranging in depth experience in all aspects of the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) assessment process, and the subtle but key differences within the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Recognising our expertise in this area the PPF appointed Dalriada to their Trustee Advisory Panel in August 2013.

We never lose sight of the importance of being in touch with the individual members to reassure them at what will be a difficult time for them, and deal with their varied enquiries.

Our advance actions and proactive approach to managing the scheme wind-up is an example of our executive & engaged business style – we proactively address any issues, before they become a problem.

“Rest assured, we can help you with this complex area.”

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